“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” ~ Jane Goodall

Colleen Condon (pronouns: they/them) is married and lives in West Ashley with wife Nichols and their cats and lab Cooper.  Colleen’s adult child River lives in New England except when Mom and River travel to go diving together.

Colleen is the Managing Partner of Condon Family Law & Mediation.  They graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor in Political Science in 1992. While at the College, Colleen was president of Young Democrats and president of the Political Science Club, in addition to volunteering with local Democratic races.

Colleen worked on local races and the Charleston Democratic Party coordinated campaign in 1992. They proudly attended the inauguration of President Bill Clinton. After years at Blackbaud, Colleen earned their law degree at the University of North Carolina School of Law (Chapel Hill) in 2002. 

When Colleen came back to town after law school, they immediately joined the voter protection team for Charleston County, helping organize lawyers and serving on Election Day to assure each vote counts. Colleen has managed Voter Protection for Charleston for numerous elections, and served as SC Voter Protection Co-Chair.  They have volunteered for all Election Days except when on the ballot themselves.

Colleen served on Charleston County Council from 2005 to 2016, focusing on quality of life issues.  They have been recognized for their contributions to the community by League of Women Voters, Forty under 40, SC Equality, The Westies, Best Council Member by City Paper, and Trident Literacy Association. They have served the Democratic Party as Charleston County Party Chair, have served in numerous other volunteer positions from Precinct Executive Committee Member to State Executive Committee Member, and have worked on countless campaigns as a volunteer.

Colleen was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 2002.  Colleen’s legal career has focused on Family Court matters.  They have been honored numerous times for their legal work including as Best Family Law Attorney from Charleston City Paper, Lowcountry Parent Mom’s Choice Award, and Top 10 Attorney Award by National Academy of Family Law Attorneys.

Colleen has served as County Chair, Precinct Executive Committee Member, State Executive Committee Member, and has worked on countless campaigns as a volunteer.

Colleen and now-wife Nichols sued the State of South Carolina to demand marriage equality in 2015. Colleen serves as President of Alliance for Full Acceptance, Steering Committee Member of SC United for Justice & Equality and Steering Committee Member of Stamp Out Hate SC.  Colleen also serves on the Vestry of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.



For too long, it has seemed we have been spinning our wheels. All too often, we find ourselves losing focus. If we unite, we will accomplish great things together …. and start winning elections again.


Having been a county party chair, I know the importance of state party support and resources for each of our 46 counties. I fully endorse Christale Spain’s 46-County Strategy. I pledge to do everything I can to be sure county parties have the support and resources they need.


Our communities need to know that Democrats care. Democrats are there, even outside of election time. We need to invest in our communities so they invest in us.


I understand the need for field and voter registration year-round. In EVERY county! We can do this. We must do this. We also need to ensure that the voters feel their votes are protected whether cast early, absentee, or on Election Day. Voter suppression and intimidation is still real in 2023, and we MUST make sure every voter feels safe and every vote is counted!


Do you believe in causes like abortion or gun laws or LGBTQ+ issues, and yet you see people who share these interests but who don’t engage in Democratic politics? We all do! Using the power of fellowship and the focus of our caucuses, we can draw more interest and involvement in our party.


Being accomplished isn’t a bad thing.

The Democratic National Committee this past February promoted South Carolina to be the First In The Nation Presidential Primary. That’s a big deal! Being an early state, South Carolina often gets national attention and resources. Now that we are First In The Nation, South Carolina will be the FIRST proving ground for campaigns both large and small. The South Carolina Democratic Party needs a team of experienced leaders on day one who can transition the State Party into this new and exciting role! I believe the best team for that job, in addition to me as 1st Vice Chair, is Christale Spain for Chair and Mayra Rivera-Vazquez for 2nd Vice Chair!
  • Elected three times to Charleston County Council in a Republican district (2005, 2008, 2012).

  • Served as Chair of Charleston County Democratic Party for two years.

  • Raised over $290,000 during my two years as Chair of Charleston Democrats.

  • Coordinated 11 presidential primary candidates and campaign surrogates at the 2019 Blue Jamboree.

  • Volunteered with the SCDP, since I was a teenager, for over 35 years.

  • Served as a SCDP Voter Protection lawyer in every election for over 20 years (when not personally on the ballot).

  • Current Executive Committee Person to the SCDP for Charleston County.

  • Elected Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and 2020.

  • Served as a Rules Committee Member for Democratic National Convention 2016.

  • Regular donor to the SCDP.

  • Vestry, St. Stephen’s Church.

  • Steering Committee Member, Stamp Out Hate SC.

  • Steering Committee Member, SC United for Justice & Equality.



In doing my social justice work, I realized I don’t fit in a female box.  Nor am I trying to fit in a male box.  I am trying to just be the best me.  So that is called non-conforming or non-binary.  I have been afforded the ability to freely express who I am; however, many are not. That’s why I am on the frontlines everyday fighting for members of the LGBTQ+ Community! And, as a non-binary Democrat, I am eligible to serve as 1st Vice Chair regardless of who is elected chairperson; however, I support Christale Spain.

  • Sued the state for Marriage Equality.  Read more…

  • Challenged the state for LGBTQ+ rights.  Read more..

  • President of the Alliance for Full Acceptance.  Read more…

  • Regularly advocate for LGBTQ+ issues at the Statehouse.  Read more…